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About Safe-Way and Jevco Bus

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Nothing is more precious than the children we transport everyday!  That is why we take safety very seriously.  All of our employees are part of our "safety team".  Mandatory attendance of ongoing safety meetings and emergency training are just two examples of management's commitment to provide a safe environment for all.

About Our Drivers

Our drivers are trained to always make decisions with the safety of their students as their first concern.  Our drivers are courteous, considerate and fair with their students.  Our drivers know that their positive attitude has a strong influence on their students' attitude and behavior.

Our Safety Team Leaders

Safety Director / Safe-Way and Jevco:

Ann Smith (715) 423-1130


Safe-Way Office Contact:

Mark Herzberg (715) 423-1130


Jevco Transit Office Manager:

Lisa Bauer (608) 847-6379


We transport precious cargo!

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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